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New Event: Saturday Ride to Lunch

This year, we will be selecting Saturday lunch destinations for weekends that have no other events on the calendar.

These gatherings won’t include any meetings or have an official start time. They are just a suggested location to ride to, have some lunch, and hopefully run into other members.

To kick off the season, we’re pointing members to our old breakfast location, Tozier’s, on May 18th.

We will try to add two of these events per month, with one northern and one southern destination.

The ideal location for a ride-to-lunch is a creemee stand, deli, food truck or any other place with a walk-up counter and open (preferably outdoor) seating. Because people may be arriving alone and at different times, restaurants with just table service won’t work so well.

If you have a location to suggest, please fill out the form below (must be logged in with an active membership) and let us know!

Update 5/10/24: If you are interested in being the “organizer” or “ambassador” for a Saturday lunch, check the box when adding your location suggestion.

Maybe you know the owners of the establishment and want to introduce people. Maybe you have lots of ride suggestions for people to check out. Maybe you just want attention! Just let us know that you’re interested and we can coordinate to pick a date when you can be there for lunch to greet everyone.

You must log in to suggest a location.