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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find your answer here, you can ask your question in the support forum or email us.

Do I have to own a BMW motorcycle to join the club?

Not at all.

There is no requirement to own a BMW or any motorcycle at all. Riding is only one of many activities that members enjoy doing together.

Why am I not getting emails from the club?

1. Messages may be flagged as spam by your email provider.

While we have taken measures to ensure optimum deliverability of emails sent from the club website, some spam protection services may still flag messages, sending them to your spam folder or blocking them altogether.

To prevent this from happening, you should add the domain to the list of approved senders in your email service settings.

In Gmail, this is under settings > filters and blocked addresses.
In Outlook, it is under settings > junk email > safe senders and domains.

Most email services will offer a similar setting, possibly described as “allowed”, “whitelisted” or “approved” domains or addresses.

If your email service has an integrated contact list, you should add [email protected] and [email protected] to your contacts.

2. Your membership may have expired.

For the most part, club emails will only be sent to active members. You can check your membership status from your account dashboard.

3. You may have a different email address entered in your billing information.

Some email coming from the club will be sent to the email address that was entered with your billing address information. This can be different from the address that you use to log in.

We understand this is a little confusing and we apologize for that, but this is the way the system we are using sends emails. If we can figure out a way to simplify it, we will.

Do I Have To Sign Up For Automatic Renewal?

Yes, but it is easy to cancel.

The system that we use to maintain memberships works on a subscription model, like Netflix or The New York Times. When you join, your membership will be set to renew exactly one year from that date. If you wish to disable auto-renew or change your payment method, you can do so from the My Subscription panel in your account dashboard.

You will also receive an email notice 10 days prior to being charged for a renewal. That email will include instructions to cancel your membership.

Does BMW MOV keep my credit card information?

No, but you will not have to reenter it for future purchases from the BMW MOV website.

After you initially enter your payment information, we receive an authorization token from our credit card processor. Purchases from the BMW MOV website can continue to be made using this token, but even if our database is compromised, that token cannot be used to make purchases anywhere else.

You may revoke BMW MOV’s authorization by removing the payment method from your account dashboard.

I still don’t trust you with my credit card. Where do I mail my check?

We still accept cash and checks. There is a copy of the renewal form in the back of the MOVer newsletter.

** You need to log in to see the treasurer’s mailing address.**

My member number is wrong. Can I get my old number back?

Yes. Just email us and we’ll get it fixed.

As we’ve moved through different systems to keep track of members, some member numbers may have been lost. If you have a record of what your original number is, please send it to us and we’ll have it restored.

My membership lapsed and I’m getting a message that I already have a subscription when I try to sign back up. What do I need to do?

If you pay the last invoice that you received, your membership will restart and last for one year.

If you can still log in, you can navigate to the Orders page of your account dashboard to find the last order/invoice for your subscription. It may look like that it’s out of date, but you should be able to still pay it to reactivate your membership. Your membership will be extended for one year from the date of payment, regardless of the date on the order.